Honorary Chief Instructors

Master Wu Kuo Chung is the honorary chief instructor of the Malaysian Shenlong Tai-Chi Chuan Association.  Master Wu first learned martial arts under the tutelage of his father, a renowned martial artist in Ping Yang county, Wen Chou district, Chekiang, China.

He joined the army at the age of sixteen.  In 1949, Master Wu followed the KMT army and retreated to Taiwan. In Kinmen, which was the battlefront between the ROC and PRC, Master Wu served as the Captain of the ¡§Frogman¡¨ squad.  He was decorated on many occasions and won acclaimations as a national hero and has received commendation by various presidents.

Master Wu is a devoted martial artist.  Due to the demands of his mission where life and death is always a toss, he trained hard and seek teachings from whoever who has the mettle to improve his skills and that of his ¡§frogman¡¨ squad.  Master Wu often ended up disappointed as he has yet to find an art that can knock-out an adversary on contact.


After his retirement from active duties, Master Wu was relocated in the Transport Ministry. He continues his contacts with the martial art community during his free time. During this time, on the harrasment of his colleagues, he made his challenge to Grandmaster Cheng. When he was thrown off by Grandmaster Cheng on contact, and was flung to the wall leaving him dazed and speechless. Master Wu realized there and then that was what he has been searching all his life, Master Wu has found his holy grail. He immediately submitted himself to be a disciple of Grandmaster Cheng.


In the five years that Master Wu spent learning under the wing of Grandmaster, Master Wu followed the teachings faithfully to the letter. Master Wu even resigned from his high position in the transport ministry to devote more time for his study. Grandmaster Cheng, on the other hand unselfishly transmitted his knowledge and otherwise well-kept secrets of Tai-Chi Chuan to his devoted student. During his later years, Grandmaster Cheng pointed out that Tai-Chi Chuan is really an art suitable for scholars, and is rooted in the Chinese cultures. He encouraged Master Wu to study the classics and to search for the source. Master Wu obeyed the commands from Grandmaster that he must totally forego his previous hand martial art style and convert himself totally and completely into Tai-Chi Chuan.

In the 3months before the death of Grandmaster, Master Wu was accepted as a disciple as a recipient of the Tso family of internal energy system. This admission of Master Wu into the herethetro untaught secrets of Grandmaster Cheng opened the door for Master Wu into the art of knocking off our adversary on contact. The amalgamation of the Tso family Chi exercises and Tai-Chi Chuan by grandmaster has lifted Tai-chi Chuan to a new and higher level; it combines the form, chi, spirit, tenacious energy, force, these in synchronity will fling people off on contact.


When Grandmaster Cheng died, Master Wu continued his study even more fervently having lost a good master; he often spent months interpreting a word, an instruction by grandmaster. With his tenacity, experience in martial art and his superior intelligence, Master Wu succeeded in his quest and established himself as an unrivalled master in Tai-Chi Chuan.

In his early days, Master Wu traveled to Japan and visited the martial artists from the self-defense forces and left them impressed. On return from his successful trip in Japan, Master Wu received a record number of enrollment reaching thousands.

Later, Master Wu traveled to the US, remaining there for about 2 years and took up a coaching assignment in the University of Chicago. He later visited Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sarawak (East Malaysia) starting classes and centers of activities in these areas. Master Wu later migrated to Australia but he ensured that he visits these activities centers annually.


As a teacher, Master Wu is approachable and always answers a question to the satisfaction of the enquirer. He is untiring in his explanation, and ever-ready to demonstrate the finer points. As an instructor, he is unparallel in his patience and forbearance. He often said, " Tai-Chi Chan's blue print is based on Taoist concepts, with I-Ching as its source, Confucianism at its heart. It is further enriched with the essence of Zen Buddhism and the various masters along the ages. Tai-Chi Chuan can therefore (i) build and cultivate body and mind, (ii) develop peace and tranquility, (iii) serves as an art of self defense. It is therefore a jewel in the crown of Chinese cultures. I hope it will be the study of choice for all humanity in the new millennium. The end result of proficiency in Tai-Chi Chuan is the attainment of Tao; the application of Tai-Chi principles in daily life will solve problems before they arise. It will make spouses more loving and the world a more peaceful place."

Master Wu with his 30 years of Tai-Chi practices, has perfected to a new high level of Tai-Chi skills, he is able to detect faults of an opponent on contact, lock the chi of the opponent and controls the movement of an adversary. In his usual unselfish ways, he has recorded his understanding and teachings in his books and other publications.


The chief instructor from the association is Mr. Wee Tee Boon and Mr. Seow Mow Soong is the full time instructor. There is also a team of voluntary instructors who unselfishly contribute their time and commitments to the association.


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