In the history of Tai-Chi Chuan, it can be said that it was the ancient sage, Chang San Feng who first drew up the first formal treatise on Tai-Chi Chuan.  Subsequently, during the Ming dynasty, Wang Chung Yue came up with a supplementary treatise.  There are of course other writings on Tai-Chi Chuan along the way.  This body of writings made Tai-Chi Chuan unique amongst the martial arts realm as it posses a set clearly defined theories and principles.

Grandmaster Cheng, in the tradition of the art, assimilated these teachings and in his own ways added further to this body of knowledge with his books (The Thirteen Chapters on Cheng-tsu Tai-Chi Chuan, A New Method for Tai-Chi Chuan Study, A Simple Discourse on Tai-Chi Chuan and A Song on the Form and Applications of Tai-Chi Chuan and etc.).  These writings and his teachings provided a further path for the seekers who are interested in attaining a higher level of accomplishment in Tai-Chi.  We recognized these achievements of Grandmaster Cheng and acknowledged him as a true grandmaster who has arrived.


Master Wu in receiving the teachings from the Grandmaster Cheng has added his own experiences findings and presented Grandmaster Chengs teaching on Tai-Chi Chuan, Tai-Chi Sword and Tso familys internal arts into a systematic course of study.  This presentation makes this deep and subtle art into a tangible format so that students can grasp the subject with less effort.  This is a remarkable contribution by Master Wu.


  1. Course arrangement and division.

  2. Tai-Chi Chuan and simple exercises. (4W + 1H)

  3. The theory behind the internal exercises and Tai-Chi Chuan.

  4. The methodology of movement, body forms and spirit.

  5. The relationship between form and application.

  6. Manifesting the application of Chinese philosophy through Tai-Chi Chuan.

  7. Selection of accomplished students for instructor training.




  1. Bear Swing, Bird Stretch

  2. Calming mind exercises

  3. Cheng-tsu Tai-Chi Chuan

  4. Basic push hand exercises

Those interested can contact:
1.  Association : 603 - 7983 9868 (Sunday 8:00am V 12:00noon)
2.  Wee Tee Phoon : 6019-315 6538 (Kuala Lumpur)

        KL Cheras SRJC Connaught Garden
        Time Every Monday, Thursday     8:00pm V 9:00pm
        Instructor CAv, 019-2719830
        KL Serdang Chinese Primary School

Every Monday     8:00pm V 9:30pm

        Instructor Lew Chang, Tel: 012-2113068
        Taman Sungei Long, Cheras, Selangor


Every Sunday          6.45am - 8.15am


Chow May Kwan, Tel: 012-3773293
        Subang National Golf Club, Selangor
        Time Every Tuesday, Thursday     7:00pm V 8:00pm
        Instructor Chong Kon Huoo, Tel: 012-2021220
        Chinwoo SRJC, Old Town, Petaling Jaya
        Time Every Wednesday, Friday     8:00pm V 9:00pm

Chow May Kwan, Tel: 012-3773293

        New Era College, Kajang
        Time Every Tuesday     5:00pm V 7:00pm

Dr. Wong Fong Tong, Tel: 012-2383876

        Shah Alam Buddhist Society
        Time Every Wednesday and Friday     8:00pm V 9:00pm

Lew Chang, Tel: 012-2113068

        Time Every Tuesday and Thursday     8:30pm V 9:30pm

Chen Heng Hua, Tel: 03-79826421

        Yook Choy SRJK, Petaling Jaya
        Time Every Wednesday, Friday     8:00pm-9:00pm

Tan Yol Thil, Tel: 016-2190656

        Kwang Hwa Chinese School, Klang
        Time Every Monday, Friday     8:30pm V 9:30pm
        Instructor B, Tel: 016-3382899
        Bandar Kinrara 9
        Time Every Sunday     7:15am V 8:15am

Lew Chang, Tel: 012-2113068

        Seremban, N. Sembilan
        Time Every Monday, Thursday      8:00pm V 9:00pm

Tan Chen Siong, Tel: 012-6125618

        Time Every Sunday      8:00am V 10:00am

A, Tel: 016-6228218

        Pantai Remis, Perak
        Time Monday to Friday      8:30pm- 9:30pm
        Instructor iy, Tel: 016-5279021
        Kuching, Sarawak
        Time Monday to Saturday      7:30pm V 9:30pm

s, Tel: 012-8890112

        Time Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday      7:30pm V 8:30pm

Ǥ, Tel: 019-8411893

        Association HQ
        Member Classes



  1. Chi in Tai-Chi Chuan

  2. Practicing listening and sensing skills in push hands

  3. Basic Tso family internal execises


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:00pm V 9:30pm
        Senior Classes




  1. Ba-Fa push hand

  2. Listening skills, Fa-Ching, receiving energy

  3. Advanced Tso family internal exercises

  4. Tai-Chi Sword

  5. Tai-Chi theories


Every Sunday     7:00am V 12:00noon


  1. Tai-Chi Chuan Tao Chi (Master Wu)
  2. My Diary on Tai-Chi Chuan (Master Wu)
  3. Tao Tai-Chi Health V in English (Master Wu)
  4. The Internal Exercises of Tai-Chi Chuan (Master Wu)
  5. Taoist Tai-Chi Sword (Master Wu)
  6. Tai-Chi Push Hand (Master Wu)
  7. My Journey in Tai-Chi Chuan (Master Wu)
  8. Chinese Internal Exercise on Chi (Master Wu)
  9. Basic Instruction Manual on Tai-Chi Chuan (Master Wu)
  10. The Thoughts of Grandmaster V out of print (Master Wu)
The above set of reference would be well worth a study by serious Tai-Chi Chuan students. These books can be purchased through Spirit Dragon Video and Book Publishing Co., (Fax: 886-2-260-92403), Madam Lee (Tel: 603-255-8167).

Treatise on Tai Chi Chuan (Chang San Feng)

A Complimentary Treatise on Tai-Chuan (Wong Chung Yue)

The Thirteen Posture Principles (Grandmaster Cheng)

A Song on Form and Application of Tai-Chi Chuan (Grandmaster Cheng)

Thirteen Chapters on Tai-Chi Chuan (Grandmaster Cheng)

A New Method on Tai-Chi Chuan (Grandmaster Cheng)

A Complete Book on I-Ching (Grandmaster Cheng)

Understanding on Lao-Tzu (Grandmaster Cheng)

Analects (Confucious)

Writings by Chuang-tsu, Lieh-tsu and Mencius, other Zen Confucious and Taoist teachings


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