Master Wu Kuo-Chong is an illuminous Tai-Chi Chuan master, after undergoing tutorship by Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching and extending the wishes of grandmaster to promote Tai-Chi Chuan as a bridge linking the Eastern and Western culture.  With this objective in mind, Master Wu first began teaching Tai-Chi Chuan in Taiwan.  After establishing a base in Taiwan, Master Wu later traveled to Japan and the US to further promote the art.  His trips would have done grandmaster Cheng proud as Master Wu has proven his mettle and the effectiveness of grandmasters teachings.

In 1985, Master traveled to Singapore and Malaysia setting up classes to promote the art.  Students enrolled by the thousands, the art is especially loved by the professionals an scholars who re-discovered the depth of cultural contents in Master Wuˇ¦s teaching.  It was a journey of discovery into the beauty of this traditional Tai-Chi Chuan forms.  The course stays true to the Tai-Chi Classics and effuses the practicality of these ancient teachings in both applications and its health aspects.

Those who came to learn discovered the beauty of these teachings and most are glad to help to further promote this art to others.  In this respect the Malaysian Shelling Tai-Chi Chuan Association was formed on 3rd June 1986.  Since its registration with the Malaysia authorities, this association has growned over the last 15 years.


The association adopted the name of "Malaysian Shenlong Tai-Chi Chuan Association".  It shared the same spirit as the first Shenlong Martial Art Association in Taiwan Tai-Chi Chuanˇ¦s teaching is based on the effusion of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist teachings. In the applications of Tai-Chi Chuan, the Taoist teachings on emptiness, overcoming strength with softness, the synchrony of Ying and Yang, etc plays a pivotal role.  Laotzu is often compared to being like a mythical dragon and the name of Shenlong traced its origin to these.


  Spreading the teachings of Tai-Chi Chuan

  Train and nurture highly qualified Tai-Chi Chuan instructors

  Fortify the comradeship and contacts amongst Tai-Chi Chuan practitioners


Grandmaster Cheng devoted his life to simplifying the complicated Tai-Chi Chuan forms into a concise and systematic course.  The purpose of this exercise is to promote teaching and spreading the teachings and to help humanity in health maintenance and to use Tai-Chi Chuan as a bridge between the cultures of the East and the West.

Master Wu in accepting the mettle from Grandmaster Cheng, was untiring in continuing the wishes of Grandmaster Cheng and has enthusiastically set up schools in the various countries.  He has also written 10 books (one of which is in English) for the ease of learning and reference for serious students of Tai-Chi Chuan.  Our association in support of both the masters has set its sights in helping Master Wu to further his wishes in spreading the teachings to all of humanity.


The activities of the association have been focused on developing cadres for spreading the art.  In this respect, the association conducts classes in the evenings on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday every week.  Training sessions are also held in the morning from Monday to Friday.

In addition to the classes in the center, instructors also conduct training sessions for the various activity centers in the other states of Malaysia to improve the standards of teachings at the centers.


In furtherance of Master Wuˇ¦s teaching, the association has a focused objective and has planned to set up a Center for the study and research on Tai-Chi Chuan.


The association is organized into two branches:

Members Category :

Members are persons who are admitted into the association.  The qualification for membership is through recommendation and invitation.  Members are derived from the pool of students who have completed the basic course in Chants Tai-Chi Chuan. The Committee of Elders must approve members for admission.

15 committee members elected bi-annually in the AGM manage the affairs of the association.

Committee of Elders :

Master Wu appoints the committee of elders personally along the martial arts tradition.  These elders are selected from amongst the more senior students.

The committee of elders is responsible for the contents of the courses conducted, examinations of the members, research and study in the art and uplifting the skills of the member.

YEAR 2002-2004 SESSION

Management Committee

Chairman : Dr Wong Fong Tong
Vice Chairman : Datoˇ¦ Chen Yin Yuen
Secretary : Chong Hon Ken
Asst. Secretary : Lim Eng Hoh
Treasurer : Ooi Siew Cheng
Social : Chong Kon Huoo
Activity : Chang Lian Chen
Tai Chi Class Coordinator : Siow Meow Choong
Web-Master : Low Wah Chuan
Committee Member : Lee Siew Fatt, Lee Bak Chui
  Yap Kim Fook, Choong Ping Woon,
  Tan Joke Ming, Lee Chin Kim 
Chief Instructor : Wee Tee Phoon
Auditor/Club maintenace : Lew Chang
 Club Telephone Number:  603 - 79839868 ( Sunday 8.00am - 12.00 noon )

Committee of Elders

Poh Chek Oo Ooi Siew Cheng
Wong Fong Tong Chong Kon Huoo
Siow Meow Choong Tiong Chuu Ling
Wee Tee Phoon Low Wah Chuan

The Committee of Elders can represent the association in answering questions on the set up of the association and the queries on Tai-Chi courses.


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